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Conducting business in the current climate is a battle for survival - and not just against economic pressures.  In this all-encompassing security handbook, spiced with actual case histories, Gary Murray addresses such questions as:

- How do you trace individuals and companies who have absconded?

- How do you carry out and analyse credit checks?

- How do you obtain and understand company accounts and balance sheets?

- How do you collect debts without costly litigation?

- How do you recruit and vet staff?

- How do you prevent fraud?

- How do you detect and deal with rivals’ dirty tricks?

- How do you investigate espionage and protect valuable information?

- How do you check the loyalty ad honesty of partners or fellow directions?

The Business Security Handbook is the essential guide for anyone in business who suspects they are being ripped off by competitors, employees, or partners.

Currently out of print

The Business Security Handbook by Gary Murray